January 18, 2012

Asbestos effect

Mesothelioma is a complicated syndrome which is caused due to exposure to unsafe asbestos. This cancer spreads in the membrane surrounding the area of lungs, heart and stomach. It takes several years to detect the cause of this disease. Asbestos can be inhaled anywhere, in the place of work or in schools with asbestos walls. Even at home if the clothes are washed with asbestos there are chances of getting this awful disease.
Asbestos occur naturally in the environment in the form of group of minerals. Earlier its use was tremendous because of its strength, effectiveness and its resistance to heat. In 80% cases affected due to this cancer, the main offender is asbestos. When asbestos is burnt, hazardous fibres are released in the air. The linings of lungs build up cancerous cells due to the penetration of these fibres.
There are three types of this malady. The one which causes pain in the chest, chronic cough, croakiness is Pleural-mesothelioma, which many a times is diagnosed as pneumonia. The lungs are affected in this type of cancer. Pericardial-mesothelioma interfere the function of heart membrane followed by symptoms like rise and fall in heart beat, chest pain, and low energy level. The third type which hurtles the stomach cavity is Peritonial-mesthelioma. The symptoms can be pain and uninhibited growth of cancer cells.
Imaging equipment like x-rays and scans are helpful for the diagnosis of this ailment. Though a meticulous series of physical tests is carried out, to get more correctness, Biopsy is suggested. This includes a microscopic examination of a body tissue. Amongst the most recent tests, Mesomark is considered to be the faultless detection test. When the spread of the disease in the body is known, further treatment can be done fast.
Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are the common treatments for this disease. More often two or more cures can be combined to get better results. Surgery is not done in many of the patients due to late diagnosis. With the inventions in medical science, efforts are being made to make the patients live longer with treatments like angiogenesis, immunotherapy and gene therapy.
The treatment for Mesothlioma is high-priced. The patients or family members of victims, often find it unmanageable to go for doctors. Consultation from an Attorney can always help them to get reparation from corporations. Thus the fees for hospital, surgical treatments, chemotherapy and expenses for burial can be arranged with this.