March 27, 2012

Exposed to asbestos

Doctors have long known the health risks associated with the use and exposure to asbestos. It is surprising that we have continued to produce and use asbestos in dozens of products even with all the well documented and known health problems that can occur when you are exposed to asbestos.

In recent times regulations have been implemented and passed to not only discover how much asbestos exists within a property but also how to deal with it and how to dispose of it. Asbestos surveys are conducted that always include an asbestos management plan and an asbestos register to ensure that the asbestos on a premise is recognized and inspected for exposure on a regular basis.

Asbestos management

An asbestos management plan can help a property owner decide if the asbestos found on their property is exposed and presenting a risk for exposure. The fibers of asbestos must be disturbed in a way that there fibers can be released into the air. Asbestos that is found in this condition is an extreme health risk. On the contrary asbestos that is in a sealed condition and the fibers are contained, does not carry a risk of exposure.

The asbestos management plan can help you determine not only what materials contain asbestos but also the ones whose fibers have been compromised and exposed to the air. Once these materials are recognized an asbestos management plan will instruct you as to the proper way to remove and dispose of them or how to keep them intact to prevent exposure.

The asbestos management plan will also contain an asbestos register that helps you keep a record of materials remaining on the property that contain asbestos even if they do not carry a risk for exposure. Drafting an asbestos management plans can be time consuming and costly but it can save lives. Products and materials that use asbestos are varied and common.

Asbestos used in 90’s

Asbestos has been widely produced and used well into the 90's and continue in some countries. You might not even be aware that an asbestos risk exists on your property. The experts that conduct these surveys and asbestos management plans and asbestos registers are highly trained. This ounce of prevention can alert you to a hidden killer that you may not even know exists.

When you consider the costs of the health care needed for individuals exposed to asbestos or the cost of a life the time and money spent for asbestos management plans and asbestos registers is insignificant. An asbestos register can help you monitor and keep track of any asbestos that may remain on the property after your survey. Not all asbestos kills.

Asbestos that is not in a deteriorated state should not be disturbed and left on the premises. However it is important to constantly monitor these materials to ensure that that stay in good condition. It is important to know where and what these materials are so that you can avoid disturbing them. The asbestos registers will help keep track of when and if they are tested.