October 21, 2011

Asbestos pipe insulation

Asbestos pipe insulation will keep your pipes from losing heat between your faucets, appliances, and hot water heater. Having your pipes insulated will make sure that you do not lose heat through them causing you to spend more money on utilities and creating condensation that could lead to mold and rotting wood.

You can take care of both of these situations with Asbestos pipe insulation. This can save you money on utilities and costly repairs in the future. You should check the insulation if you live in an older house, a lot of it was asbestos. You will have to remove it and dispose of it properly because of the health risk of asbestos. You can also cover the old insulation with Asbestos pipe insulation if you don't want to worry with removing it.

Many do it yourself stores will carry it. There is a type of Asbestos pipe insulation that comes pre-fit for pipes that slips over them and has a self adhesive piece that glues it together. This can be a lot easier to install than wrapping the pipes.

Another problem with uninsulated pipes is having them freeze. The pipes that you should be sure to check are around an exterior wall. These are the ones that will be most likely to freeze and then burst. Often a busted pipe can go unnoticed until a high utility bill comes in and you look for the reasons behind it.

So you can see there are many reasons why you should check and make sure that you have Asbestos pipe insulation installed. You will not only be saving money but you will be saving the environment. There are many tax benefits that you can take advantage of by winterizing your home and becoming more green. By installing Asbestos pipe insulation you can squash those high utility bills and make your home more efficient.