October 20, 2011


Thousands of people die due to mesothelioma. The airborne fibers of asbestos cause this fatal disease. The fibers stay in the air and when they enter our lungs they cause this disease. Almost everyone today is unprotected from asbestos but the degree of exposure differs from person to person. It is not necessary that if you are under minimal exposure, the degree of developing this disease is less, as the characteristic of the disease is very strange. But it is very obvious that those who are exposed to asbestos for a longer duration have more chances of getting this illness.
If the nature of your work is asbestos milling or mining, shipbuilding trades, insulation work etc, then you are at a great risk of contracting the dangerous disease, mesothelioma. The places that are badly affected by this dangererous disease are the Cappadocian region of Turkey because there are many construction workers living in this area. Many people in the United States have also contracted this disease.
Even genetics play a role. Because, some of the people who have been in contact with asbestos for years have not contracted this disease. The genetic factors have helped them to resist this disease. Stay away from asbestos mines and do not use asbestos related products if you want to be safe.